From September 2013 the statutory age for participating in learning has been raised to 18 years of age. A student may opt to stay on at the academy for the 6th Form, study a course at college or apply for an apprenticeship, but individuals must remain in full time education or training until the age of 18.

Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance at The Bushey Academy is a programme which involves the whole school community: students, parents and staff. The Work Related Learning Coordinator, Heads of House, Form Tutors, Subject Teachers, SENDCO and the Senior Leadership Team work in partnership with a variety of external agencies to provide a range of interventions to help meet the individual needs of our students, thus allowing all students to follow a career path that best suits them.

Whilst at the academy, students are offered a range of opportunities to gain life skills for the world of work. The programme is designed to provide continuity throughout students’ time at the academy, with key skills built in years 7 and 8, a day of work shadowing in year 9, which is then built upon with a week of work experience in year 10.

At Key Stage 4, all students will have an appointment with a representative from David Ritchie and Associates to discuss potential career pathways and other career related issues. Should any student need an appointment sooner or requires a follow up appointment, this is arranged through the Work Related Learning Coordinator.

In year there is a further opportunity to have work experience along with a range of guidance for options post Sixth Form.

The academy has an excellent Careers Section in the LRC to which all students have access and staff are available to give further guidance.

In addition, students can access independent information and advice through the following websites: